I really hope the iPhone 16 Pro Max doesn’t look like this


We may still be waiting for Apple to announce the iPhone 15 series, but that hasn’t stopped the iPhone 16 leaks from already trickling in. More specifically, new renders now provide a first glimpse at what 2024’s iPhone 16 Pro Max could look like … and it’s a lot.
In collaboration with Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, 9to5Mac has published early CAD renders of the iPhone 16 Pro Max / iPhone 16 Ultra. The name of the device is still up in the air, but the renders showcase what the rumored 6.9-inch display will potentially look like.
The iPhone 16 Pro Max looks ginormous
The above render shows the iPhone 16 Pro Max next to what we believe the iPhone 15 Pro Max will look like. This year’s Pro Max model is expected to keep the 6.7-inch screen size Apple’s used since the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but the iPhone 16 Pro Max is likely to increase it to 6.9 inches.

Two-tenths of an inch may not sound like much on paper, but as the renders clearly visualize, it could result in the iPhone 16 Pro Max being much larger than anything we’ve seen before.
There’s no specific mention of the iPhone 16 Pro Max’s weight, but a larger display means a larger phone – and that will naturally result in an even heavier device than the 240-gram iPhone 14 Pro Max we have today.
This may be a step too far
Joe Maring/Digital Trends
On the one hand, a larger display can be seen as a positive change. That means more real estate for watching movies, playing games, navigating your apps, etc. Whether you need a bigger screen for accessibility reasons — or you simply like the immersive nature of large phones — these renders could be music to your ears.
However, I look at these iPhone 16 Pro Max renders and only see trouble.
As much as I love the iPhone 14 Pro Max, I had to replace it with a regular iPhone 14 Pro earlier this year because it was too damn big. The simple thought of next year’s Pro Max iPhone being even larger just sounds like a nightmare. There’s also talk of the regular iPhone 16 Pro going from a 6.1-inch screen to a 6.3-inch one — and I’m fine with that! But the jump from 6.7 inches to 6.9 inches isn’t a journey I’m ready to take.
The good news is that we’re in the very early days of iPhone 16 rumors, and everything we talk about today may change by the time September 2024 rolls around. But if this is what Apple’s really planning for the iPhone 16 Pro Max, I’m not looking forward to it.

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