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From the Muppets to Gordon Ramsay, a popular Canadian sitcom to a Stephen King thriller, and a post-apocalyptic fantasy drama produced by Robert Downey Jr., this week in television is nothing short of spectacular. There are tons of new series to watch on all of the major streaming services. If you want to sit down as a family, there are both animated series as well as family-friendly competition shows premiering this week. In the mood to cuddle on the couch with a special someone for an intense thriller? There are a few of those, too. Here’s a curated list of the best of the best to stream this week.
When you’re done here, check out the best new movies to stream this week as well as the best shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
The first season of this true-crime limited anthology series — based on the Christopher Goffard podcast of the same name — was about the real-life con man John Meehan and starred Eric Bana and Connie Britton. For the second season, Christian Slater and Amanda Peet take over the leading roles and head up a brand-new story. It’s all about Betty Broderick, who was convicted of killing her ex-husband and his new wife in 1989. The series follows Betty and Dan’s once loving marriage and how it quickly spiraled, resulting in a double homicide.
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Happy Endings
Long before hashtag campaigns on Twitter and the existence of streaming services were able to revive a canceled TV series, there was Happy Endings. Described as having a modern-day Friends meets How I Met Your Mother vibe, fans were livid when ABC canceled the sitcom after just three seasons. While Happy Endings isn’t getting a revival like so many other shows from the past, those three seasons that aired from 2011 to 2013 will be introduced to a new legion of fans on Netflix. The cancellation was dubbed one of the worst decisions of that TV season, so it wouldn’t be surprising if new interest presents the possibility of a revival after all. For now, there are 57 hilarious episodes about the eclectic group of 20- or 30-something-year-old friends living and working in Chicago to enjoy.
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The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
The first season of this kids’ show about the hyper hedgehog and his friend Miles “Tails” Prower is now streaming. It transports kids to the planet Mobius, where Sonic must fight back against the evil Dr. Robotnik and his many schemes. Based on the Sega video game series of the same name, Jaleel White (Family Matters) voices the mischievous, arrogant — but also kind — mammal.
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The Platform
The third season of this Emirati series that is shot in the United Arb Emirates (U.A.E.) is about Karam, a man whose extreme distrust for everyone in his life leads him to build an open-source-based truth finder called “the platform.” Meanwhile, he must deal with his father being arrested on suspected terrorism charges and trying to keep his family together amidst the chaos.
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Kim’s Convenience
The first four seasons of this hilarious Canadian sitcom about a Korean Canadian family running a convenience store in Toronto have already been on Netflix. But now, those who have fallen in love with it (including SNL‘s Bowen Yang) can watch the fifth and final season of the popular series. This might not be the end of the story for the characters, however, as a spinoff called Strays is currently in the works.
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Luke Varley
Feel Good
Comedian Mae Martin returns for a second season of this British comedy-drama. Loosely based on her own life as a stand-up comedian, she juggles her career, a new middle-class English girlfriend who couldn’t be more different from her, and the struggles of maintaining her sobriety. Season 2 is confirmed to be the series’ last. Lisa Kudrow stars as her mother.
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Human: The World Within
This PBS docuseries delves deep into a variety of personal stories from people around the world, focusing on their unique lives, goals, and passions. At the crux is how the complex systems within our body can shape these experiences. Narrated by Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad, season 1 starts with an examination of the birth experience, then explores everything from the heart and circulatory system and how it can impact our physical and emotional lives to ways that our body helps defend itself against powerful forces.
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Kirsty Griffin
Sweet Tooth
Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan serve as executive producers of this post-apocalyptic fairy tale based on the comic book series of the same name by Jeff Lemire. An event called The Great Crumble led to hybrid human-animal creatures being born. A decade later, Gus, a hybrid human boy/deer, meets a wandering loner. Together, they try to find answers.
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John P. Fleenor / Netflix
It has been a wild ride for this superhero series, which originally aired on Fox only to be canceled after three seasons, then picked up by Netflix for a fourth and fifth. The second half of season 5, dubbed season 5B, is now available. And while this was supposed to be the end of the story for the Devil, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), fans clearly wanted more. Netflix confirmed last summer that there would be one more season, season 6, with 10 episodes that will wrap up the story. While waiting for that, chances are that die-hard fans will be bingeing the eight new episodes in preparation.
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Erik Voake / Netflix
The Kominsky Method
From the mind of Chuck Lorre, Michael Douglas stars as Sandy Kominsky, a has-been actor who, after not realizing enduring success in front of the camera as he had hoped, decides to share his knowledge as an acting coach. With a star-studded cast that also includes Alan Arkin, Nancy Travis, and Kathleen Turner — along with a long list of guest stars, from Jay Leno to Patti LaBelle — the dramedy will be wrapping up after this third and final season, with Morgan Freeman joining the cast as a fictionalized version of himself.
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Who Killed Sara?
Fans of this Mexican mystery thriller only had to wait a few months to get the second season. The series, which premiered its first season in March, is about a man who becomes obsessed with finding the true murderer of his sister after he spends 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Alex (Manolo Cardona) is able to leverage his skills as a professional hacker to uncover truths that he hopes will lead him to the real killer. Season 1 was a wild ride that received praise from critics.
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American Ninja Warrior
Fans who have been craving the colorful commentating from hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila and the incredible physical feats competitors accomplish on the ridiculously difficult obstacle courses will be pleased to know that the season 13 premiere is now streaming. Every year, the obstacles get tougher, and competition heats up as people old and new train all year. The ultimate goal? To make it to the finals and become one of only a few to achieve “total victory,” along with a sizeable monetary prize that comes with it.
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It’s an animated series that answers the question: What if our pets could talk? This isn’t an animated comedy for kids, however. The adult sitcom is about a group of neighborhood pets and stray animals who gather at Honey the poodle’s house for a therapy group to discuss their various problems. From the sex-positive tortoise, Shel, who suffers from intimacy issues, to the co-dependent and naïve cat Chico and the newbie Diablo, a terrier suffering from OCD, the characters are complex and diverse. It’s not easy being a pet, after all, and having to bend to every whim of your owner.
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America’s Got Talent
Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara return to judge this reality competition series with Terry Crews leading the events as host. Now in its 16th year, the show promises, as it does every year, to showcase the diverse talent that exists across America (and even beyond), from sword swallowers to daredevils, musical and dance troupes, singers, and ventriloquists. There are no age requirements, so expect to see everyone from adorable 5-year-old stand-up comedians to elderly contortionists. It’s a show that families look forward to gathering around the television to watch together every week and root for their favorites.
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The 11th season of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking competition series has an interesting twist: Rather than pit talented home cooks from across America against one another to see who can elevate their skills to professional levels with a variety of complex dishes, this season is called Legends. Those competing are legends within the culinary world, including Emeril Lagasse, Curtis Stone, Paula Deen, Roy Choi, and Morimoto. Ramsay and Aaron Sanchez are joined by returning judge Joe Bastianich to criticize, tease, and evaluate the chef’s dishes. It’s sure to be an epic throwdown of delicious proportions.
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The New York Times Presents
A new episode of this series of stand-alone documentaries, which brought the much-talked-about Framing Britney Spears, is called Who Gets To Be an Influencer? This episode looks at the Black creator mansion Collab Crib and their push to rise to social media fame in just three months. The focus is not only on how much focus and importance Gen-Z-ers place on becoming social media influencers and how difficult it is to achieve but particularly the unique challenges faced by Black creators.
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Mark Rogers / FX
Mr Inbetween
Ray Shoesmith (Scott Ryan) did his time for his crimes, working as a hitman for hire. But even though he’s back out in the real world, prison life hardened him in a way that he just can’t change. Now, while he is trying to navigate fatherhood, a new romantic relationship, and caring for an ill brother, he can’t seem to shake his violent ways. Despite the ominous overtones, the series is indeed a comedy-crime drama, so expect some laughs, too. The third season is now available, which will be the show’s last.
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Madagascar: A Little Wild
Kick back with the kids and check out the third season of this educational, computer-animated comedy within the Madagascar franchise. Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe all live at the Central Park Zoo, where they interact with visitors and each other, go on adventures, and learn lessons along the way. In an historic move, the third season includes an episode centered around a Pride parade and will introduce the first non-binary character, Odee the Okapi.
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The Fungies!
The first half of the second season of this animated Cartoon Network series brings fans back into the prehistoric world of Fungietown where fungi-looking creatures, and sometimes dinosaurs, roam. Seth is an especially curious young mushroom who loves to go on adventures and learn new things, though that often results in him causing trouble for the residents. Jennifer Coolidge, Sam Richardson, June Squibb, and Chris Diamantopoulos are counted among the voice cast.
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Suzanne Tenner / HBO
In Treatment
The first three seasons of In Treatment focused on Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne), a psychotherapist in his 50s who sees a variety of patients for their weekly sessions and also visits his own therapist once a week. The cast was a who’s who of Hollywood, including Dianne Wiest, Melissa George, Blair Underwood, Alison Pill, Anthony Ramos, and more. The series actually originally aired on HBO way back in 2008 and ended with its third season in 2010. But a revival was confirmed in late 2020, with Uzo Abuda now in the lead role. The revival season contains 24 episodes, with four airing each week to June 28.
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This is Life with Lisa Ling
Originally debuting on CNN back in 2014, this long-running documentary series sees writer, journalist, and former The View co-host Lisa Ling travel across America to investigate a variety of issues, from sugaring to drug abuse within the Mormon community to the gay rodeo scene. Season 7, which sees Ling investigate everything from heroin use to psychedelic healing, prisons, and prep schools, premiered in November and is now available to stream.
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Amazon Prime

The premise alone is enough to get you hooked: A police officer focuses his entire life and career on fighting the war on drugs. It’s for personal reasons since his own son, Pedro, is a drug addict. But Pedro has also risen to power as one of the most wanted criminals in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian original teeters the line between one’s duty to his job and his intense need to protect his family.
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The Family Man
This is Amazon’s original series about a middle-class man who has to protect not only his country through his job at the National Investigation Agency but also his family from the repercussions of this high-pressure, dangerous, and highly secret occupation. Dubbed an “edgy action drama,” the Indian Hindi-language series became massively popular on Amazon Prime Video following the release of season 1. Now, season 2 is also available to watch.
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In a premise that has become all-too-familiar among teen dramas, the doom and gloom begins with residents of a forgotten small town. They desperately want to escape the confines of their community, and nobody desires this more than the dozens of recent graduating seniors. So, each summer, they decide to partake in a risky and life-threatening competition that would afford the winner enough money to move on to bigger and better things. But the rules change and the competition gets more dangerous. Players die, and each remaining graduate must make a critical decision about what they are willing to lose in order to escape.
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Have you ever wondered what it actually means to be human? While many movies and television shows have explored the idea of humans being connected to one another in different and unexplainable ways, this sci-fi anthology series takes the idea even deeper. With a star-studded cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, Uzo Aduba, Anthony Mackie, Constance Wu, Dan Stevens, and Nicole Beharie, it’s set to be a big debut for the streaming service.
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Apple TV+

Lisey’s Story
Julianne Moore stars in this thriller based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, who adapted the story for the small screen, personally penning each episode. Lisey Landon (Moore) uncovers repressed memories of her marriage to her late husband, famous novelist Scott Landon (Clive Owen), years after his death. Did those things really happen? Or was she just imagining it all? To find out, she needs to follow a series of clues that put her in serious danger.
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1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything
It was the year that saw some of the biggest musical icons rise to fame, from The Rolling Stones to Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, The Who, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, and more. Featuring archival footage and interviews, this docuseries takes music lovers deep into the depths of a year that had a tremendous impact not only on the music scene but also on culture and politics. Delivered in eight parts, the series explores the ways some of the biggest musicians that pivotal year of a new decade created music that helped inspire hope and change the world around them.
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The Me You Can’t See
Deep and thought-provoking, this long-anticipated series about mental health from Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry has finally arrived. The pair sit down to have honest discussions with a variety of individuals from around the world, including celebrities, about mental health. With participation from Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, DeMar DeRozan, and others, along with mental health advocate and speaker Zak Williams, it’s a must-watch. Not only does it promise to help educate viewers about emotional well-being, it also aims to encourage anyone who feels like they might be alone that there’s value in reaching out and plenty of ways to do so.
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Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted
Famous chef Gordon Ramsay returns for the third season of this reality docuseries that sees him try dishes from different countries and immerse himself in unique cultures as he travels from one region to the next. In the first two seasons, Ramsay sampled blood pancakes in Norway and authentic Keralan curry in India, climbed a rock in Alaska during a snowstorm, and hunted for nutria in Louisiana. With new episodes released weekly, the first episode sees him return to America to check out the local flavors and food of Texas. Every episode is sure to be its own unique adventure.
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Anne Boonchuy is a 13-year-old girl who finds herself in a magical world called Amphibia after she steals and opens a mysterious music box. There, she befriends the fast-talking frog people and learns lessons about friendship, being kind, and helping others. The second season of the animated series, which counts Brenda Song, Bill Farmer (the voice of Goofy), and Amanda Leighton (The Powerpuff Girls) among its voice cast, is now streaming.
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Disney Junior Muppet Babies
The only thing more adorable than the Muppets are the Muppets as babies. Check out the third season of the reboot of the ’80s and ’90s original animated series of the same name to see toddler versions of all your favorite Muppet characters, including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, and Gonzo. Two new episodes are released weekly.
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Sydney to the Max
Set in the ’90s, this coming-of-age family comedy about middle-schooler Sydney Reynolds and her life with her single dad, Max, and progressive grandmother, Judy, is perfect for family viewing. It’s a lovely generational comedy with relatable storylines, including a preteen dealing with school and her personal life, a single dad trying to navigate raising a young girl, and a wisecracking (and wise) grandmother who’s there not only for comic relief but to provide sage advice and remind her son of his own antics as a preteen. Season 3 of the series is now available to stream.
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Wicked Tuna
Follow fishermen on the open seas off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they search for bluefin tuna, which can be worth thousands of dollars if caught. It’s a job that has existed for centuries, but there has never been a group like this, with every captain competing fiercely and passionately to bring home the win. The long-running reality series has been going strong since 2012, and the first seven episodes of the latest season are now available for streaming.
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