18 Pairs of Granny Panties That Are Really So Cute

18 Pairs of Granny Panties That Are Actually So Cute

Yes, I just used “hot” and “granny panties” in the same sentence and I stand by them. Our relationship with our underwear evolves over time and until recently it has been fairly linear. As children we wore cute little panties Monday through Friday; As teenagers, we would sneak into the mall to buy our first thongs without our parents knowing. then it was straps, straps, straps for an unpredictable amount of time until we got tired of them, started wearing more panties, and before we knew it, we were living in grandma’s panties. Well, that timeline is officially a thing of the past, as evidenced by the influx of influencers posting their granny panties on Instagram and cool girl brands like Pretties and Araks creating some of the cutest granny panties I’ve ever seen .

To be honest, the term “grandma panties” is pretty out of date, but I wanted to use it here for a cheesy effect. This style of underwear has many negative connotations, but thanks to the encouragement from Carrie Bradshaw (who wore it religiously) and now some of the biggest fashion influencers, there is nothing shameful or embarrassing about them.

When you’re ready to take on your short panty life, I’ve rounded up 18 couples who are weirdly hot. That choice between the newer brands stepping up their lingerie game and familiar names you’ve probably worn for years will keep your lingerie drawer fresh and weirdly on-trend.

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