5 Methods To Put together Now For Gardening In 2021

Five Ways To Prepare Now For Gardening In 2021

HERALDANDNEWS.COM – Gardening in all forms – from window boxes to major landscaping renovations – soared in 2020. Whether for spiritual peace, food security or a meaningful “socially distant pastime”, people turned to gardening this year. Growing interest in gardening led to temporary shortages of seeds and plants this year, leading to a similar surge in interest in seed banks and seed savings.

Now that freezing nights have finished most of the gardening work this year in the Klamath Basin, some forward-thinking gardeners are already looking to next year. Recent horticultural questions at the expansion office included seed-saving techniques, advice on wintering small trees, preparing beds for winter, and the big question: Given that food horticulture is expected to be equally popular in 2021, there will be a shortage of seeds and plants come again? How can a gardener prepare now in the quiet time? The following are some suggestions.

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