A Guidelines for Fall Backyard Upkeep

A Checklist for Fall Garden Maintenance

Summer is drawing to a close – but that doesn’t mean you should give up and let your yard go for the year! The colder season signals that it is time to prepare your green spaces for winter and find alternative ways to keep your favorite plants in your life. Read on to make sure you are ready when the temperatures drop.

Plant perennials for spring

Don’t dig up your perennials yet! While it’s true that they are prone to frost, if you take enough precautions you should be able to preserve them and plant seeds for a lovely spring bloom. Be sure to control weeds to protect the soil and add mulch to protect it from the harsh winter winds. Six months later, you’ll be glad you took these extra steps! For bulbs planted in autumn such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, you should definitely fertilize with Espoma Organic Lamp tone.

Maintain your lawn

Raking those fall leaves can feel like a never-ending task at times. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you should start seeing them as an advantage. You can actually mow the dead leaves and make a makeshift fertilizer for your soil. This reduces the cleaning burden every time a strong wind throws loose a pile of leaves and Make use of your soil. Take a look to show a little more love to your lawn these high quality organic lawn fertilizers.

Fill up your garden with trees and shrubs

Colder weather doesn’t have to mean barren backyards. Fall is actually a good time for this plant Trees and shrubs! While the weather cools, the soil is still warm enough for the roots to develop in it. This is where Bio-Tone Starter Plus could come in handy. After planting, they become dormant when the soil cools. Make sure you water them beforehand so they can come back to life in the spring.

Bloom your flowers indoors

Contrary to popular belief, the lively flower garden of your dreams can still become a reality even in the toughest winter months. A technique that forces the lightbulbs to bloom indoors can help you get it indoors! While it’s a pure white winter land outdoors, your windowsill can still brighten your day.

Take care of your equipment

Before you pack everything up for the season, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean your tools. Wash off any excess dirt to avoid returning to rusty tools in the spring. You can also coat your metal tools with vegetable oil to prevent cracking from the harsh, cold weather. Finally, sharpen your scissors and loppers so when you’re ready to use them again you can find tools that feel like new!

Are you already feeling ready to face the cooler months? All it takes is some diligence and Espoma knowledge to be ready for winter and prepare for a strong comeback in spring. So grab these garden tools and get started today.

For more information on creating leaf mulch, check out this video from Laura at Garden Answer!

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