A Historical past Of Turmeric Pores and skin Care: The Historical Magnificence Ingredient Nonetheless Used As we speak

A History Of Turmeric Skin Care: The Ancient Beauty Ingredient Still Used Today

Turmeric – just a culinary spice or something more? In addition to being the ingredient that hangs in your spice cabinet, this bright yellow spice has a great reputation in skin care.

You’ve probably noticed that turmeric skin care recommendations in the form of a turmeric face mask treatment or a golden turmeric milk latte recipe are popping up on your news feed. So why the fascination? If you just envisioned reaching for this spice for your culinary antics, think again. From fighting inflammation to lightening dark eye eye circles, you might be surprised at the benefits this ingredient can bring to your skin.

Brief Turmeric Facts: The Benefits of Using Turmeric For Skin

1. Anti-inflammatory properties

Curcumin, found in turmeric, significantly lowers the markers of inflammation in the body.

2. Helps in the treatment of acne

Anti-inflammatory properties can soothe inflamed skin and are known to reduce scars.

3. Supports skin health

Antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent outbreaks or reduce existing ones.

4. Brightens under the eyes

Turmeric properties help lighten dark under-eye circles to bring out your natural glow.

5. Signs of Aging

This golden root reduces the appearance of wrinkles, keeps the skin supple and improves skin elasticity.

The history of turmeric skin care

Long before it was added to our slats, turmeric was used in both Chinese and Chinese Ayurvedic medicine (used to treat inflammatory diseases) and known for its use in cooking and beauty rituals around the world. Coming from the ginger family, this spice was used daily in India for at least 6000 years as a cooking spice, perfume, textile dye, for medicine and yes for beauty! By 800 AD, the turmeric trade had spread throughout Asia, including China, and the African continent. In the 18th century, turmeric spread to Jamaica and other tropical areas.

This versatile spice has been incorporated into all aspects of life, from cooking to ceremonies. IIn India, turmeric was used as a coloring and a culinary ingredient in India, not only in curries, but also in lentil and meat dishes, chutneys, relishes and soups.

It’s also an ingredient in many vegetable dishes like gobi sabji or steamed cauliflower, and meat dishes like turmeric chicken and rice. It can also be mixed with scrambled eggs. The yellow spice is also used in some varieties of Garam Masala, a blend of spices that is almost as ubiquitous as curry in Indian cuisine.

Spices such as turmeric developed religious significance in India and were burned as incense in ceremonies believed to send prayers and purify the air. And to this day, Indian brides and grooms are ritually covered with a turmeric paste to glow before the ceremony. In some parts of Asia, people adorn themselves with a turmeric rhizome root as an amulet to ward off negative energy.

Arab traders first introduced this exotic spice to Europe in the 13th century. Marco Polo, The trade along the Great Silk Road was so impressed with turmeric that he wrote it down in his writings, mistook it famously as a vegetable, and compared its bright color to saffron. As a result of this incident, the spice is now referred to as “Indian saffron” even though turmeric is actually a root.

This well-traveled historical spice has clearly been used for all sorts of purposes. What many don’t know, however, is that it derives most of its healing powers from the concentration of curcumin, a super powerful antioxidant.

The Benefits of Turmeric Skin Care: Is Curcumin the Cure?

Turmeric skin care, with its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-everything properties, is the way to go if you want to glow from head to toe. It’s all thanks to the connection Curcumin, a type of polyphenol (a powerful antioxidant that has so many skin-improving properties).

“Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial – these properties help tighten pores and improve skin tone and pH balance,” says Dr. Taz Bhatia MD, Integrative Health Expert and Founder and Medical Director, Centerspring®. “In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric was also mixed with yogurt to reduce acne.”

Turmeric skin benefits are many. This spice is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that can improve scars and dark spots left by acne, reduce redness and soothe irritated skin. Curcumin deserves credit, a polyphenol found in turmeric that has been shown to affect inflammatory diseases such as: Arthritis.

For the skin, curcumin inhibits a protein and enzyme that are needed for the formation of melanin, a skin pigment, and this process helps prevent age spots. As a natural antioxidant with antibacterial properties, it can reduce UV damage and neutralize free radical damage that can lead to premature aging. It also helps stimulate new cell growth youthful looking skin. And if you’re dealing with dark circles under the eyes, when applied to the skin, turmeric visibly brightens the under eyes and reduces puffiness.

Product selection

Turmeric energizing treatment


You might be thinking that turmeric seems like a magical ingredient! We certainly believe that. When the appearance of your skin needs a transformation, our turmeric face mask energy treatment will help. Made with turmeric, citrine gemstones and zeolite, this treatment will exfoliate and revitalize your skin, creating a silky, glowing complexion.

So how exactly should you use Turmeric skin care?

How to use our turmeric energy treatment

Are you ready to invigorate your complexion? All you have to do is put a small ball of powder (about 1 teaspoon) in the outer cap. Gradually stir in a few drops of water until the texture looks like mousse. The recommended ratio is 4 parts powder to 3 parts water. Then apply a thin layer over the entire face, extending down to the neck and décolleté.

You can let it dry for 10-30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and massage in gently to exfoliate. Don’t be alarmed – a hot tingling sensation can last a few minutes and is expected with this product. Dilute with more water for milder stimulation.

Eminence Organic Turmeric Energizing Treatment

What Are the Benefits of Turmeric Energy Treatment?

This charged powder-to-mousse formula works as an exfoliator, warming powder, and mask that instantly awakens skin and removes impurities. During the treatment, kaolin clay cleanses, while turmeric brightens the skin’s appearance. Not to mention – it smells divine.

Connect with your Eminence Organics Spa partner for a virtual or personal consultation so you can learn more about the benefits of turmeric and our citrine gemstone turmeric energy treatment.

Use turmeric in your cooking, skin care, or even one Turmeric golden milk recipe? Let us know in the comments below or connect with us on social media.

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