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Would you like to join a Google Meet video conference with friends, family, or colleagues? We’ll show you the best tips and tricks for the best online meeting experience. Whether you’re using Google Meet on your PC, Mac, or mobile device like an Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad, these tips will help you master video conferencing. If you’re using Google Hangouts instead, we’ve got a great guide on Hangouts tips and tricks.

Change the meeting layout

Do you want to change how you view other participants and content? You can easily change your layout when you join a Google Meet video conference on a PC or Mac. To change your layout during a meeting, click the More button (three vertical dots) and then click Change Layout. Here you can select one of the available view types.

Automobile: Allow Google Meet to choose the layout.

Tiled: Displays up to 16 people when no one is presenting. All participants appear in large tiles on the screen. The most active participants appear to the side.

Headlights: The current presentation or the active participant fills the window.

Sidebar: The active participant or presentation is shown in a large view with additional participants appearing to the side.

Add subtitles to Google Meet

If you have problems following the statements in your video conference, you can activate subtitles (this feature is currently only available in English). Note that if a meeting is recorded, no subtitles will be displayed when the recording is played back. To enable subtitles, click the Enable Subtitles button [CC]located in the lower right corner of the Meet window or in the app on Mac and PC. On mobile devices, you should see the Subtitle button in the top right corner after tapping your video stream window once.

Control the participants from Google Meet

When making a video call using Google Meet, you can choose a participant and control various factors, including being muted or pinned. If desired, the participants can also be removed from the call. In face-to-face meetings, only the moderator can remove an attendee.

Mute participants: To mute another participant in Google Meet on a Mac or PC, click the Options button (three vertical dots) next to the person’s thumbnail, then click the Mute button. On mobile devices, tap the People tab, select the participant, and tap Mute.

Participant’s pin: To pin a participant and keep their video in focus, click the PIN icon on the participant’s thumbnail. In Android, select the People tab, tap the thumbnail of the person you want to pin, then tap the lapel pin icon. On iOS, select and hold a person’s icon. Then select the pin icon when it appears.

Remove participants: To remove a participant on a Mac or PC, click the back arrow icon, select the participant you want, and click the Remove button. On an Android device: Navigate to People, tap the person’s name, click the Remove (-) button, and then click Remove again. On iOS: Navigate to People, select the person’s name, and then tap Remove from Meeting. Then tap Remove.

Make a call to a Google Meet conference

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You can join a Google Meet video conference using your phone. However, your phone number must be in the United States or Canada. To join a Google Meet conference, you can call the number provided by the meeting organizer. Otherwise, when you visit the Google Meet url, you can select Join> Use Phone for Audio. Then click Dial in and select your country. Then dial the number and enter the PIN. Click End Call to disconnect from the call.

Allow Google Chrome notifications

Would you like to allow Google Meet to send you notifications in the Chrome web browser? Follow these steps in Google Chrome on your Mac or PC to allow Meet to send you push notifications of calls and chat messages. You can also follow these settings to turn off such notifications if necessary.

Step 1: Open Chrome.
step 2: Click More (three vertical dots) and choose Settings.
step 3: Scroll down and select the Advanced option.
Step 4: Under Privacy and Security, select Site Settings.
Step 5: Click the Notifications option.
Step 6: Scroll down the list to Meet.Google.Com, then click More (three vertical dots).
Step 7: Click Allow.

Record a video meeting

If you want to refer to a Google Meet call later, you might want to record it. It should be noted, however, that recording a meeting is only available to G Suite Enterprise users. If you attended a meeting on a PC or Mac, click the More button (three vertical dots) and then click Record Meeting. Once you start recording, attendees will be notified. Follow the previous steps to stop recording, but click Stop Recording instead.

Once recorded, the meeting will be saved in the meeting organizer’s Google Drive. A link is automatically sent to the meeting organizer and the person who initiated the recording so that it can be downloaded. If you can’t start a meeting recording, read this guide from Google as the option may not be available for several reasons.

Share your screen during a meeting

If you have content on your computer screen that you want to share with others, you can do it in a Google Meet video conference. Once you are ready to start sharing content, you can do so on a Mac or PC by clicking the Present Now button in the lower right corner. You will then be asked if you want to share your entire screen, a window, or a Chrome tab (if you are using Chrome). Click Share to confirm that you want to present. To end the presentation, click the End Presentation button.

If you’re on an Android device, you can also share your screen on a Google Meet call. First, tap the More button (three vertical dots) and then click Show Screen. Tap Start Presentation to confirm that you want to start the presentation. Tap End Presentation to end the presentation. In iOS: Tap the same More icon, select Share Screen, and then tap Start Broadcast. To stop sharing, just tap Stop Sharing> OK.

Adjust your audio and video settings

With Google Meet, users can adjust the video resolution. This is not a feature shared by most of the other video platforms. Lowering the resolution can help maintain the video connection when you have a weak or spotty Wi-Fi connection. Then you can easily switch to a higher resolution for better video quality as the connection improves. Proceed as follows to adapt the resolution to the connection:

Step 1: During a Google Meet call, click the More icon, then click Settings. Then select the Video tab on the left.

Step 2: Select the type of resolution you want to change. You can select either the send or receive resolution. The send resolution is sent from your camera to other members of the call, while the receive resolution is shown to the other callers.

Step 3: Choose the desired resolution from Standard Definition (360p) to High Definition (720p). Additional options are available for reception in order to make the most of your connection. When receiving, choose an Audio Only option, a Standard Definition, and even a Video at a time option.

Google Meet keyboard shortcuts

If you want to use it regularly, you need to learn how to navigate Google Meet. However, if you really want to master the system and navigate as quickly as possible, there is still something left to learn. If you want to get the most from Google Meet, learn about its built-in shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts allow you to control aspects of Google Meet without ever removing your hands from your keyboard.

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