Greatest Black Friday Smartwatch Offers 2020: Apple, Fitbit, Samsung

Best Black Friday Smartwatch Deals 2020: Apple, Fitbit, Samsung

Black Friday deals have arrived earlier than usual this year. Retailers like Best Buy and Walmart are already offering great discounts to lure you in ahead of the main event on November 27th. Right now there are plenty of great early Black Friday smartwatch deals on top. Better still, buying now doesn’t hurt either, as companies swear prices will stay the same until the end of the month and offer to refund the difference if they get a discount by Black Friday. It’s a risk-free way to get big price cuts earlier than usual in November.

We’re already seeing a ton of different deals including deals on many smartwatches like Black Friday Apple Watch deals and many more. We’ve rounded up the best Black Friday smartwatch deals available. We also took the time to review what to consider when buying a smartwatch on sale so that you can get the best deal for yourself.

Best Black Friday Smartwatch Deals

How to choose a smartwatch during Black Friday

As with choosing a smartphone or tablet, one of the most important things to consider when buying a smartwatch is which operating system you plan to use. Now that you know your budget, choosing your preferred operating system is key. We took a closer look at the best smartwatches on the market, reviewed the best Garmin watches, and found that the Apple Watch Series 6 is the best overall thanks to its wide range of features. However, this doesn’t mean it is a perfect fit for you.

You need to consider which operating system you are most familiar with and which operating system your phone is using. For example, the Apple Watch works best with an iPhone. If you only have an Android phone, this isn’t an option, which rules out the latest Apple Watch Series 6, budget-friendly Apple Watch SE, and the regularly discounted Apple Watch Series 3. Android users will do better with a Wear OS. based device like the Mobvoi TicWatch 3 Pro or a Samsung Smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Style can also be an important factor for you. How do you plan to use your smartwatch? Would you like to use it during the working day and maybe for evening events? In this case, you want a smartwatch that looks great. One with a mechanical watch looks attractive, but also a subtle Wear OS-based one. Also, consider the size of the watch, especially if you have smaller wrists. A large watch face can overcrowd your wrist, be uncomfortable, and look uncomfortable.

If you want a smartwatch for exercise use, check out the best fitness trackers. Something from Garmin or Fitbit is a good option as both focus on exercise tracking and have relevant functionality. However, they don’t look as good as other smartwatches and can be restricted for other functions not related to training. Don’t forget that waterproofness is essential if you want to swim with it.

When to Buy Black Friday Smartwatch Deals

Smartwatches are always in high demand, but that demand hits new highs during Black Friday. With most purchases still online this year, plenty of seasoned shoppers will be on the lookout ready to grab the best Black Friday smartwatch deals available as soon as they go live. Put simply, if you wait until Black Friday to shop, you may lose the deal you want to thousands of other shoppers out there. You also run the risk of not getting your goods in time for Christmas, as most major tech retailers are already experiencing significant shipping delays. Beat the rush and shop for these Black Friday smartwatch deals now – there is no better time.

You can also just rest and be sure you are getting the best price. With Black Friday Price Guarantees, you get this new smartwatch at the lowest price no matter how early you buy it. We’ve rounded up the best Black Friday smartwatch deals available here. So shop today and get the Apple Watch that you’ve had your eye on all year.

Where to find the best smartwatch sales

  • Amazon Black Friday: Amazon usually offers discounts on many different smartwatches with many cheap price cuts.
  • Best Buy Black Friday: With Best Buy’s guaranteed Black Friday price, you can be sure that you will make big money buying from the site.
  • Walmart Black Friday: Walmart offers to refund the difference in case your smartwatch falls in price by Black Friday so you just can’t lose.

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