How Espoma Can Assist Your Backyard Membership Develop

How Espoma Can Help Your Garden Club Grow

Garden clubs are a great way to share your horticultural hobby with other like-minded people. Here you can learn all about plants and share your garden ideas. They can be as small as a group of friends or as big as a neighborhood! Many of them are interested in the conservation of local natural habitats and general community service.

Garden club members come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone can start or join one! You don’t even need to be experienced as the clubs provide a safe place for beginners to learn and develop their own hobby.

Even so, it’s understandable when you’re on the fence about joining one. Or maybe you are part of a gardening club but don’t know what benefits you can take advantage of. Fortunately, we were able to sit down with Gay Austin, the 46th President of the National Garden Clubs (NGC), to hear all the details!

“Our partnership with Espoma has been great from the start,” says Gay. “We both had a goal in mind for gardening clubs. Espoma had the products and NGC had the programs. So we just got together. “A great result of this partnership was ours Grant program. Each year we select 20 clubs to be awarded $ 250 and then we can watch their ideas flourish!

These grants help your club get funding for various types of projects. Whether it is needed for tools, disaster relief management or training, your chosen project can be almost anything. “It can be as simple as a flower bed in a public space,” says Gay, “as long as it provides knowledge of which plants are needed.”

Would you like to show hospital patients how colorful flowers can brighten their rooms? How about a facelift for a local school? Whether you are focused on protecting wildlife or looking to give back to your community with a public garden renovation, the options for eligible projects are endless! Gay told us she was hoping for future projects where clubs come together to replant native plants that have been destroyed by natural disasters.

If you are interested in becoming one of our scholarship holders, all you have to do is fill out the form application. Attach some photos and explain your project. Then wait to see if you have been selected. If so, be sure to send us photos of your completed project and local press information so we can publicize your great work! Don’t forget to read our recent fellows above the application.

Gay likes to look back on previous winners who have used the scholarships to launch wonderful projects. “A lot of clubs focus on beautifying their cities,” she says. “Some clubs offer senior citizens projects in assisted living facilities. These citizens no longer live in a house with a garden, but can only have potted plants. So it is very beneficial to give them back the joy of gardening. “These projects can affect people at school who are as old as these seniors.

Whether you’re interested in an Espoma Scholarship or not, we still want to know about your gardening club! Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #EspomaGardenClub so that we can be featured on our website social media. In the meantime, we’ll be promoting other gardening clubs. So let yourself be inspired.

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