Netflix Raises Its Costs. Here is What You will Must Pay

Netflix Raises Its Prices. Here's What You'll Have to Pay

Netflix is ​​increasing the monthly fee for its standard and premium plans in the US

The change increases the monthly rate for the Standard plan by $ 1 from $ 12.99 to $ 13.99, while the Premium plan increases by $ 2 from $ 16 to $ 18. The basic plan remains at $ 9 per month.

The new subscription prices will go into effect on Thursday October 29th for new members who sign up for the video streaming service.

Existing subscribers won’t escape the hike, however, as the new prices will go into effect over the next few months.

“Current members will be notified by email and will receive a notification within the app 30 days before their price increase,” the company confirmed. “The timing is based on each member’s billing cycle and will be introduced over the next two months.”

The price hike is the first Netflix has imposed since January 2019, when it added a dollar or two to each of its tiers.

“We’re updating our prices so we can continue to offer more variety of TV shows and movies – in addition to our great fall lineup,” Netflix said in a statement, adding, “As always, we’re offering a range of plans for people to have one Choose the price that best suits your budget. “

The following field shows the differences between the individual levels:

For example, if the price hike is a big problem and you want to take similar services for a spin, Hulu offers a month of free playback, while Amazon Prime also gives you access to its library of movies and TV shows, among other benefits – for a one-month trial. Apple TV + currently offers a 7-day free trial (you get one year free when you buy an Apple product), while Showtime offers 30 days free.

Disney + initially offered a free 7-day trial, but has since ended the offer. Netflix also recently ended its own free trial and instead offers a small selection of free content for potential customers to try out.

Digital Trends also has a helpful article that reviews the leading video streaming services so you can find the best one for you.

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