Nice Woody Crops for Your Area

Great Woody Plants for Your Region

While trees and shrubs take up more space than your average perennial, of course you can get a layered effect by using woodies with a number of different shapes in a given area. Plus, if woodies are the main players in your garden, you will get a rugged, easy-care landscape that looks great in all four seasons. When looking for beautiful trees or shrubs this can be an overwhelming search. The possibilities are almost endless.

How do you find a great wood plant that will do well in your garden and offer that little something extra (or at least get you interested with minimal effort)? It can be difficult to sort through the many options available. We have had this done for you by some regional experts. Find your region below and discover four different wood plants that our experts have tried and tested.

For more information on designing with wood plants, see Good design is worth the wait.

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