• Exam 98–366: MTA Networking Fundamentals (Microsoft Official Academic Course)

    Students who are beginning studies in technology need a strong foundation in the basics before moving on to more advanced technology courses and certification programs.   The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a new and innovative certification track designed to provide a pathway for future success in technology courses and careers. The MTA program curriculum helps instructors teach and validate fundamental technology concepts and provides students with a foundation for their careers as well as the confidence they need to succeed in advanced studies. Through the use of MOAC MTA titles you can help ensure your students future success in and out of the classroom.  This text covers the fundamentals of local area networking,  defining networks with the OSI Model and understanding wired and wireless networks.  In addition it includes understanding Internet Protocol, implementing TCP/IP and working with networking services. Your students will better understand wide area networks along with defining network infrastructures and network security.

  • Transforming Campus Networks to Intent-Based Networking (Networking Technology)

    Intent-Based Networking (IBN) enables you to create networks that capture business intent, automatically activate it across your network, assure that your network has responded properly, proactively detect and contain security threats, and remedy other network issues before users even notice. Intent-based networking makes networks dramatically more valuable, but few organizations have the luxury of building them from the ground up. In this guide, leading IBN expert Pieter-Jans Nefkens presents a unique four-phase approach to preparing and transforming existing network infrastructures, architectures, and organization to gain maximum value from IBN with minimum disruption and cost.Writing for network consultants, network architects, network designers, and senior network engineers, Nefkens outlines the problems IBN is intended to solve, and illuminates its implications: not only for technical infrastructure but also for network architecture, team management, and culture. Drawing on his pioneering IBN experience, Nefkens makes specific recommendations, identifies pitfalls, and show how to overcome them. You’ll discover how to implement IBN with Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture and DNA Center, and walk through several real-world use cases: large enterprise networks, worldwide campus networks, mid-sized enterprises, and smaller businesses.

  • Linux Basics for Hackers , Getting Started with Networking, Scripting, and Security in Kali

    Many aspiring hackers are unfamiliar with Linux, having learned computer basics in a Windows or Mac environment. This can pose the single most important obstacle to mastering the skills to becoming a better hacker; while hacking can be done with Windows or OS X, nearly all hacking tools are developed specifically for Linux. Linux Basics for Hackers aims to provide you with a foundation of Linux skills that every hacker needs. As you progress, you’ll have access to numerous real-world examples and hands-on exercises to apply your new knowledge and bring yourself up to speed.

  • CCNP Enterprise Certification Study Guide: Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies: Exam…

    The practical and conceptual knowledge you need to attain CCNP Enterprise certification From one of the most trusted study guide publishers comes CCNP Enterprise Certification Study Guide: Exam 350-401. This guide helps you develop practical knowledge and best practices for critical aspects of enterprise infrastructure so you can gain your CCNP Enterprise certification. If you’re hoping to attain a broader range of skills and a solid understanding of Cisco technology, this guide will also provide fundamental concepts for learning how to implement and operate Cisco enterprise network core technologies. By focusing on real-world skills, each chapter prepares you with the knowledge you need to excel in your current role and beyond. It covers emerging and industry-specific topics, such as SD-WAN, network design, wireless, and automation. This practical guide also includes lessons on: ●      Automation ●      Network assurance ●      Security ●      Enterprise infrastructure ●      Dual-stack architecture ●      Virtualization In addition to helping you gain enterprise knowledge, this study guidecan lead you toward your Cisco specialist certification. When you purchase this guide, you get access to the information you need to prepare yourself for advances in technology and new applications, as well as online study tools such as: ●      Bonus practice exams ●      Pre-made flashcards ●      Glossary of key terms ●      Specific focus areas Expand your skillset and take your career to the next level with CCNP Enterprise Certification Study Guide.

  • Azure Networking Cookbook: Practical recipes to manage network traffic in Azure, optimize performance, and secure Azure…

    Learn to distribute network traffic, optimize application delivery, and defend network-level threats. Key Features Quickly get up and running with Azure networking solutions Level-up your cloud networking skills by planning, implementing, configuring, and securing your infrastructure network with Azure Leverage Azure networking services to provide applications highly available and fault tolerant environment Book Description Microsoft provides organizations with an effective way of managing their network with Azure’s networking services. No matter the size of your organization, Azure provides a way to highly reliable performance and secure connectivity with its networking services. The book starts with an introduction to the Azure networking like creating Azure virtual networks, designing address spaces and subnets. Then you will learn to create and manage network security groups, application security groups, and IP addresses in Azure. Gradually, we move on to various aspects like S2S, P2S, and Vnet2Vnet connections, DNS and routing, load balancers and traffic manager. This book will cover every aspect and function required to deliver practical recipes to help readers learn from basic cloud networking practices to planning, implementing, and securing their infrastructure network with Azure. Readers will not only be able to upscale their current environment but will also learn to monitor, diagnose, and ensure secure connectivity. After learning to deliver a robust environment readers will also gain meaningful insights from recipes on best practices. By the end of this book, readers will gain hands-on experience in providing cost-effective solutions that benefit organizations. What you will learn Learn to create Azure networking services Understand how to create and work on hybrid connections Configure and manage Azure network services Learn ways to design high availability network solutions in Azure Discover how to monitor and troubleshoot Azure network resources Learn different methods of connecting local networks to Azure virtual networks Who this book is for This book is targeted towards cloud architects, cloud solution providers, or any stakeholders dealing with networking on the Azure cloud. Some prior understanding of Microsoft Azure will be a plus point. Table of Contents Azure Virtual Network Virtual Machine Networking Network Security Groups Managing IP Addresses Local and Virtual Network Gateways Creating Hybrid Connections DNS and Routing Load Balancers Traffic Manager Azure Application Gateway Azure Firewall

  • kenable C6 CAT6-CCA UTP RJ45 Ethernet LSZH Networking Cable White 0.5m [0.5 metres]

    Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    kenable C6 CAT6-CCA UTP RJ45 Ethernet LSZH Networking Cable White 0.5m [0.5 metres]

  • Mastering Python Networking: Your one-stop solution to using Python for network automation, programmability, and DevOps…

    New edition of the bestselling guide to mastering Python Networking, updated to Python 3 and including the latest on network data analysis, Cloud Networking, Ansible 2.8, and new libraries Key Features Explore the power of Python libraries to tackle difficult network problems efficiently and effectively, including pyATS, Nornir, and Ansible 2.8 Use Python and Ansible for DevOps, network device automation, DevOps, and software-defined networking Become an expert in implementing advanced network-related tasks with Python 3 Book Description Networks in your infrastructure set the foundation for how your application can be deployed, maintained, and serviced. Python is the ideal language for network engineers to explore tools that were previously available to systems engineers and application developers. In Mastering Python Networking, Third edition, you’ll embark on a Python-based journey to transition from traditional network engineers to network developers ready for the next-generation of networks. This new edition is completely revised and updated to work with Python 3. In addition to new chapters on network data analysis with ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats) and Azure Cloud Networking, it includes updates on using newer libraries such as pyATS and Nornir, as well as Ansible 2.8. Each chapter is updated with the latest libraries with working examples to ensure compatibility and understanding of the concepts. Starting with a basic overview of Python, the book teaches you how it can interact with both legacy and API-enabled network devices. You will learn to leverage high-level Python packages and frameworks to perform network automation tasks, monitoring, management, and enhanced network security followed by Azure and AWS Cloud networking. Finally, you will use Jenkins for continuous integration as well as testing tools to verify your network. What you will learn Use Python libraries to interact with your network Integrate Ansible 2.8 using Python to control Cisco, Juniper, and Arista network devices Leverage existing Flask web frameworks to construct high-level APIs Learn how to build virtual networks in the AWS & Azure Cloud Learn how to use Elastic Stack for network data analysis Understand how Jenkins can be used to automatically deploy changes in your network Use PyTest and Unittest for Test-Driven Network Development in networking engineering with Python Who this book is for Mastering Python Networking, Third edition is for network engineers, developers, and SREs who want to use Python for network automation, programmability, and data analysis. Basic familiarity with Python programming and networking-related concepts such as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) will be useful.Table of Contents Review of TCP/IP Protocol Suite and Python Low-Level Network Device Interactions APIs and Intent-Driven Networking The Python Automation Framework – Ansible Basics The Python Automation Framework – Beyond Basics Network Security with Python Network Monitoring with Python – Part 1 Network Monitoring with Python – Part 2 Building Network Web Services with Python AWS Cloud Networking Azure Cloud Networking Network Data Analysis with Elastic Stack Working with Git Continuous Integration with Jenkins Test-Driven Development for Networks

  • High Performance Browser Networking: What every web developer should know about networking and web performance: What…

    How prepared are you to build fast and efficient web applications? This eloquent book provides what every web developer should know about the network, from fundamental limitations that affect performance to major innovations for building even more powerful browser applications—including HTTP 2.0 and XHR improvements, Server-Sent Events (SSE), WebSocket, and WebRTC.Author Ilya Grigorik, a web performance engineer at Google, demonstrates performance optimization best practices for TCP, UDP, and TLS protocols, and explains unique wireless and mobile network optimization requirements. You’ll then dive into performance characteristics of technologies such as HTTP 2.0, client-side network scripting with XHR, real-time streaming with SSE and WebSocket, and P2P communication with WebRTC.Deliver superlative TCP, UDP, and TLS performanceSpeed up network performance over 3G/4G mobile networksDevelop fast and energy-efficient mobile applicationsAddress bottlenecks in HTTP 1.x and other browser protocolsPlan for and deliver the best HTTP 2.0 performanceEnable efficient real-time streaming in the browserCreate efficient peer-to-peer videoconferencing and low-latency applications with real-time WebRTC transports

  • Networking for writers: A fun way to sell more books.

    Are you swamped with book marketing and looking for a way to find new sales? Learn simple and effective networking techniques, to grow your readership and connect with other authors and book lovers, today!Whether you are a new or an experienced writer, self-published or traditionally published, this book will show you how to grow your readership and author network, through some of the most powerful of all marketing tools – word of mouth and recommendation.  This book will show you:How networking can help you sell more books.Why author branding is important.How networking hours work.Specific Facebook groups for writersHow to utilise social media to grow your readership.How not to waste valuable writing time.How to make our marketing more effective.Throughout Networking for Writers, we will explore running or attending book signings, hosting seminars, finding a writing buddy or mentor, author networking groups, social media planning and so much more. ‘A writer’s treasure trove: factual, relevant and inspiring.’ Isabella May. 

  • The 20-Minute Networking Meeting – Professional Edition: Learn to Network. Get a Job.

    *WINNER – International Book Award – Career category!*WINNER – National Indie Excellence Award – Career category!*FINALIST – Foreword INDIES Book of the Year!*FINALIST – USA Best Book Award – Career category!*SILVER – Axiom Business Book Award – Career category!Welcome to The 20-Minute Networking Meeting!This book will successfully serve any job-seeker from any background—field sales to customer service; doctor to bartender; teacher to derrickman; legal aid to construction; retail to management. All you need is desire; the rest is in this book!Built using the acclaimed The 20-Minute Networking Meeting—Executive Edition networking model lauded by business leaders around the world, the Professional Edition puts you in control of your job-search discussions and, ultimately, your career.Taking the best elements of the best networkers from a multitude of industries and professions, combined with 40 years of the authors’ own experience, the Professional Edition culminates in a highly productive networking approach from a hiring perspective.In this book, learn what networking (really) is, and how to:•Master the 5 most important parts of a networking meeting •Create a networking agenda•Construct key questions to lead a discussion•Expand a professional network with more names•Break into the “Invisible/Hidden Job Market” (where over 70% of all jobs are obtained)•Make a networking meeting more effective, efficient, and mutually beneficial•Execute the above (and much more)— inside of 20 minutes•Maintain your new network throughout your career! Chock full of real-world scenarios, short stories, meeting examples, and dozens of tips and observations from hiring authorities and recruiting experts, the Professional Edition is an end-to-end lesson on job-search networking, founded on the premises of gratitude, positivity, and reciprocity. Specifically constructed to clarify and simplify networking for job-search, the Professional Edition was written for even the most introverted networker and is rounded out with a complete set of readiness worksheets that guide the reader through actual networking preparation, with fully written stories that show the entire The 20-Minute Networking Meeting model in action.Also from Career Innovations Press:The 20-Minute Networking Meeting – Graduate EditionThe 20-Minute Networking Meeting – Veterans EditionThe 20-Minute Networking Meeting – Executive Edition

  • Veetop 0.5m 2Pack Flat CAT7 High Speed 10Gbps RJ45 Cat 7 Ethernet cables LAN Networking Cable with STP Copper Wires…

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    1.CAT7 STANDARD, HIGH SPEED: Latest CAT 7 standard Ethernet cable supports the bandwidth up to 750MHz, 10Gbps high speed data transmission, much faster than Cat6a Ethernet cables. So that you can surf the internet, stream video, music, download and upload the file at greater speed without worrying about the transmission jam.
    2.GOLD PLATED COPPER CONNECTOR: Shielded twisted pair STP of copper wires Cat 7 cable – Each twisted pair is shielded with Aluminum Mylar Foil Plus 85% Tinned. Compared to the Cat 6 or downward cable, it can efficiently provides better protection from crosstalk, noise, and prevent from interference and transmission damping, and the gold plated finishing conductors in each RJ45 connector ensure the contact is durable and stable.

  • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach

    For courses in Networking/Communications   Motivates readers with a top-down, layered approach to computer networking Unique among computer networking texts, the Seventh Edition of the popular Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach builds on the author’s long tradition of teaching this complex subject through a layered approach in a “top-down manner.” The text works its way from the application layer down toward the physical layer, motivating readers by exposing them to important concepts early in their study of networking. Focusing on the Internet and the fundamentally important issues of networking, this text provides an excellent foundation for readers interested in computer science and electrical engineering, without requiring extensive knowledge of programming or mathematics. The Seventh Edition has been updated to reflect the most important and exciting recent advances in networking.

  • Confident Networking For Career Success And Satisfaction

    CONFIDENT NETWORKING FOR CAREER SUCCESS by bestselling author Gael Lindenfield and her husband Stuart is a practical and accessible self-help book everyone will benefit from. Good networking is vital in today’s world of work. This book will enable you to build your confidence and develop the essential personal and psychological qualities and skills you need in order to build contacts, enjoy beneficial relationships, and develop a successful and exciting career. Packed with information, advice and anecdotes, including quick-fix solutions for common problems and guidelines for extroverts and introverts, CONFIDENT NETWORKING FOR CAREER SUCCESS will help you to overcome shyness, anxiety and low self-esteem and develop your communication, emotional management, organizational, relationship and electronic skills so that you can easily generate new contacts and enjoy the working life you want.

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