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How to Choose a Robot Vacuum

A robotic vacuum cleaner can make your life a lot easier. Say goodbye to hours and hours of vacuuming your home and say hello to sitting on the couch with your feet up high while a robot does all the work. These little machines can be an amazing way to get jobs done, but choosing the right one for your needs and budget is important. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner, including its various features, brands, and prices.

How do I buy a robotic vacuum cleaner?

Before deciding on a robot vacuum, you should understand the various features available. There are so many amazing things these little robots can do, but with that said, you may not need all of them. Make an inventory of the features that you actually use as disabling expensive upgrades can save you a significant amount of money. This is the best affordable robotic vacuum you can buy, but you can find a variety of good options for under $ 200.

Features to consider in a robot vacuum

Sensory sophistication and virtual mapping

All robotic vacuums use sensor technology to navigate a room. However, some models are more advanced than others. Basic robots have infrared sensors that prevent them from bumping into things and changing direction if they collide with something, while more sophisticated models map a room with laser-guided scanners or a combination of cameras and sensors. These high-tech robots also sometimes have “dirt sensors” to make sure they have been cleaned properly and can add extra cleaning passes to dirty or high traffic areas.

Automated planning

Most robotic vacuums have a scheduling feature so you can set them to work at specific times of the day or week – for example, at work. Most of this planning is done through a companion app on your smartphone that makes changes and updates easy. On some models, however, you have to program this schedule manually into the bot using buttons. If this is about as much fun as setting the clock on your car radio, check ahead of time to see how the calendar interface works on the robotic vacuum cleaner you have chosen.

Some robotic vacuums also combine high tech mapping with this scheduling feature (Roomba’s i7 and s9 vacuums have this feature) and allow you to program certain rooms to be cleaned on specific days, giving you amazing flexibility and freedom offers.

Automatic dirt disposal

Most bots may have the sweep done, but you need to empty it like any regular vacuum cleaner. However, some models automatically dispose of dirt in their own container (and hermetically sealed bags) located in the base and remind you when that container needs to be emptied. However, these models tend to be more expensive. With most robotic vacuums, you just slide out the trash can, open a flap or door, and pour it into the trash. Not a big deal, but if you are dirt phobic, automatic disposal in a sealed pouch could be just what you need.

What are the best brands of robot vacuum?

There are tons of great robot vacuum brands out there, all with different prices and levels of functionality. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, it is a good idea to do a little research on the brand and check out the ratings and customer comments. These are some of the biggest brands:

i robot

Despite being one of the more expensive brands, iRobot makes some of the best and best rated robotic vacuums on the market. For example, the latest model, the Roomba S9 +, has a 3D sensor that allows it to move around your home with incredible intuition. Conveniently, iRobot has also introduced vacuum cleaners at all prices, from budget to premium. So there is probably a model that will suit you.


Neato may be considered a snappy little upstart when compared to iRobot, but it has a reputation for making solid, hard-working bots. The latest Neato models are D-shaped vacuum cleaners with incredible cleaning power and excellent battery life.


Ecovacs models are extremely demanding. The latest models include a Wi-Fi enabled camera, mop, as well as the vacuum and the ability to create highly complex virtual maps of your rooms. It even gives you the ability to remotely move the bot and see what’s going on with the camera.


These robotic vacuums are great, budget-friendly options with less fancy features but a focus on strong suction. The latest Eufy model has an easy-to-use app and is one of the flattest on the market, so it can get into many hard-to-reach areas.

I live

IBife is another affordable brand that makes powerful vacuum cleaners with a range of features like voice control and room allocation. It also offers different cleaning modes and dirt sensors.


It might not get all the press of some other Dyson gadgets, but Dyson is doing Heurist, a bulging robotic vacuum. Dyson invests a lot in technology, and that’s included in the retail price, but their vacuums have an excellent reputation, get great reviews, and tend to last a long time.

Should you get a round robot or a D-shaped robotic vacuum cleaner?

Most robotic vacuum cleaners have a round shape, as this allows them to move easily on their own and do not get stuck. However, this lack of corners can make it difficult to get into tight spaces or corners. D-shaped robots have a number of sensors and the added benefit of being able to get closer to wall edges and corners than their circular counterparts.

D-shaped robotic vacuums also tend to have wider roller brushes that extend the length of their flat edge. This makes them more efficient than round models, gives them a greater need for cleaning and apparently shortens the overall cleaning and running time.

Wiping functions

Some robotic vacuums not only work as vacuum cleaners, but also have wiping functions. While they aren’t as effective on stubborn stains as a regular mop or even a special purpose single-purpose robotic mop (yes, that’s one thing too), they work on light soiling or on daily cleaning. The mop function works via a small water tank in the bot that moistens a microfiber or a disposable cloth that is attached under the robot.

Maintenance considerations

You need to care for your robotic vacuum cleaner like a regular vacuum cleaner – perhaps even more so since these smaller bins need to be emptied more frequently. You’ll also need to dust the sensors, empty and clean the trash can, and keep the filter clean – all you need weekly to keep your vacuum running smoothly. As with most machines, maintenance runs better and longer. You should also check the brushes regularly to make sure they aren’t blocked. Check the rollers for any threads or fibers that may wrap around and cut into the roller. Cleaning the wheels and removing hairs or tangled threads can hinder their movement.


Roborock S4 Max robot vacuum

As mentioned earlier, the different brands of robotic vacuum have different prices and can range from around a hundred dollars to over $ 1,000. Of course, paying more for trustworthy, high-quality brands like iRobot and Dyson goes without saying. If you can afford the upfront investment, these models are extremely sophisticated and powerful. However, if you are on a budget you can find some great options that are far cheaper. RoboGeek and Eufy have some excellent, affordable models that may not have all of the smart features of a more expensive vacuum, but are still effective and responsive machines. Make sure you do your research before buying.

It is definitely a domestic dream to imagine never having to vacuum again, but with a robotic cleaner it is actually possible. With a variety of brands that have lots of cool features and accessible price ranges, this dream can easily become a reality in your home.

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