The 12 Finest Curling Irons for Straightforward Styling

The 12 Best Curling Irons for Easy Styling

1. The temperature is important. “People assume that ‘if I turn it on the highest heat setting, it will take time,’ which is 100% not,” says Polko. “If you turn it all the way up, you’re actually zapping your hair too much and it doesn’t know what to do. It’s like putting it in a microwave or an oven. You let the heat in.” and it’s more of a gentle heat so the style will actually last longer if you have it on a lower heat setting. “

In general, the thicker the hair, the higher the heat setting and the finer the hair, the lower the heat setting you should be using. You should also consider things like paint and chemical treatments when choosing your heat level. Polko recommends the T3 Curl ID curling iron that we used for the tutorial. “There is no guesswork in choosing the right heat for your hair type! All you have to do is enter your hair texture, color treatment, and chemical treatment, and the Curl ID will choose the right heat setting for you based on these factors.”

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