The Finest Low-Upkeep Shrubs – Webinar

The Best Low-Maintenance Shrubs - Webinar

Many shrubs grow well without your help. But which ones do that and also look great? Which ones have the coolest foliage, the most beautiful flowers, or both? Join the hosts of the award-winning Let’s Argue About Plants podcast for a live event where they’ll discuss the best easy-care, effective shrubs for your garden. Danielle Sherry, Editor-in-Chief of Fine Gardening, and Steve Aitken, Editor-in-Chief in General, provide an in-depth look at some favorite shrubs, along with tips on care, advice on placement, and even some design inspiration for using these stars on your beds and borders. Paul Cappiello, General Manager of Yew Dell Botanical Gardens in Crestwood, Kentucky, will provide Danielle and Steve with expert knowledge of his favorite easy-care shrubs. Paul is an expert on wood plants, a frequent contributor to fine gardening, and the author of Dogwoods, the definitive guide to North America’s Most Popular Tree. If you want to laugh, learn, and have a fun time with fellow plant nerds, sign up today!

The duration of the course is one hour followed by a 30 minute Q&A with the speakers.

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