The Finest Magnificence Merchandise for Your Astrology Signal

The Best Beauty Products for Your Astrology Sign

We’re going to be honest – as fun and exciting as it may be to get involved in beauty shopping expenses, sometimes it feels like a lot of fucking work. With so many products and retailers to choose from and browse, it seems like the decision of the decade will be whether or not to buy the same serum we just ran out of again (rather than try something new ). Anyone else? If only we could let the stars decide … oh wait.

We’re super at astrology here at Who What Wear HQ, so we thought we’d streamline your beauty buying process by teaming up with our non-toxic sister skin care line, Versed. (The brand’s product development director, Tamerri Ater – also known as AstroFashionista – happens to be a professional astrologer, modern day mystic, and all-round beauty specialist.)

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