three Luxurious Lip Balms Value The Funding: Rose Scented Lip Care

3 Luxury Lip Balms Worth The Investment: Rose Scented Lip Care

If there’s one thing that the last year has taught me, it’s that I can happily do without makeup for days on end. Nowhere to be seen and no one to be seen really makes you question the minutes you spent in front of the mirror. So it was quite a liberating experience to find my diary completely empty and wondering if it was even worth putting on something that wasn’t a tracksuit. While my lashes are pretty happy without mascara and my cheeks are happy in their natural state, there is one product I can’t do without – a really great lip balm.

There are often some variations at the bottom of my bag and in each bag because I hate the feeling of dry or tight lips. I probably apply a slick of good too often, but it has become a ritual to get those few seconds out of what gets my attention. I’m not here for overtly sticky, sweet, thick, or drying formulas that make my pout feel worse than before, so my collection has definitely been narrowed down to a few firm favorites that I keep going back to.

While you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a decent lip balm (Burt’s Bees are super affordable and one of my all time favorites – read more about why here!), It can be a real mood lift if you reach for them a bit Luxury. Especially when we can’t remember the last time we washed our hair or were anywhere other than the grocery store, this little moment can bring a welcome amount of joy. The majority are currently not indulging in indulgences, but a small pot of luxury can really make all the difference when you need to indulge yourself. (We always have to treat each other right!)

And what better way to pamper your senses than with a luxurious rose infusion? There’s something about the scent that just carries me away and makes me feel like a real adult. Here are three of my favorite lip balms that will always pick me up a little when I need them most …

By Terry Baume De Rose * (£ 40.00)
I mean, this has become iconic for good reason: it’s absolutely beautiful. The non-sticky, but rich formula nourishes, repairs and protects the lips and provides a delicate rose scent and a subtle shine. It perfectly blends the line between skin care and cosmetics and delivers a noticeable difference while feeling like you’ve just bathed your lips in something that will help them look their best. An absolute must for me. I also like the ‘lip gloss’ flask version that comes with an applicator so you don’t have to dip your fingers in the pot.

Alpha H Liquid Gold Perfect & Plump * (£ 32.00)
Not only is this luxurious balm designed to protect and soothe, it also contains naturally plump ingredients that give your pout an extra boost. I feel a very slight tingling sensation when I apply that subsides after a few minutes. This is definitely a welcome 3pm enlivening moment! The formula also features antioxidants with 24 carat gold stains (who knows why!) And super moisturizing ingredients, resulting in the ultimate little indulgence.

Kure Bazaar Lip and Nail Balm * (£ 28.00)
Incredibly nourishing and nourishing, this multi-purpose balm contains a beautiful combination of organic shea and cocoa butter, vitamin E, candelila wax, beeswax and squalene. An infusion of rose creates a delicious and addicting scent, while the 100% natural formula is incredibly light to keep the skin feeling soothed without becoming overloaded. This sits permanently on my bedside table and is my bedtime time. I get to work while I sleep so that I can wake up with my lips comfortable and smooth. You can also use it on dry areas or cuticles, making it a real multitasking wonder.

All three are expensive, but they last so long and bring so much joy that (in my opinion) they are absolutely worth it.

Which of these three luxury lip balms would you choose?

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