Voting is Now Open for the 2020 Golden Joystick Awards

Voting is Now Open for the 2020 Golden Joystick Awards

Voting is open for the 38th annual Golden Joystick Awards, the largest publicly selected video game awards show in the world. This year the ceremony will be fully online.

“Last year the Golden Joystick Awards were given in central London. Developers who traveled from all over the world received awards. This year the event will be a truly global, all-digital affair with a host of exciting guest hosts, exclusive game trailers and editorial video capabilities, ”said Daniel Dawkins, content director for games and film at Future, in a statement.

The awards started in 1983 and were originally open to the general public in the UK. Now anyone around the world can vote.

You can find more information about the event here.

When do the Golden Joystick Awards take place?

The ceremony takes place in November. A specific date will be announced shortly.

How can I watch the Golden Joystick Awards?

The awards can be viewed from various locations. The main method of viewing is on the Golden Joystick Awards Twitch channel. Those interested can also visit the official Twitter and Facebook accounts for more information.

What are the different categories in the Golden Joystick Awards?

There are various publicly selected categories for the award ceremony. The games were decided by an industry jury. The categories include:

  • Best audio
  • Best gaming community
  • Best game expansion
  • Best gaming hardware
  • PC game of the year
  • Best New / Streamer Broadcaster
  • Best storytelling
  • Best visual design
  • Best multiplayer game
  • Best indie game
  • Esports game of the year
  • Mobile game of the year
  • Most wanted game
  • Nintendo game of the year
  • Xbox game of the year
  • PlayStation game of the year
  • Best family game
  • Still playing award
  • Best studio
  • Ultimate game of the year
  • Best new streamer
  • Ultimate game of the year

A jury decides on other categories, including:

  • Excellent contribution
  • Breakthrough price
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Critics’ Choice Award
  • Best Actor

How do I vote in the Golden Joystick Awards?

Individuals interested in voting can do so at Voters receive a free e-book for games when they vote. The voting ends on November 2nd.

According to a press release, the jury is made up of “high-ranking editors and journalists from brands such as PC Gamer, Edge Magazine, the official PlayStation Magazine, GamesRadar +, TechRadar, Toms Guide, T3 Magazine, the official Xbox Magazine and others”.

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